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2nd Update on Deck Meal for October 20th

Hi! Thank you to all the parents who volunteered for Deck Meal tomorrow. Posting the list below. We have 51 swimmers and coaches who are coming in after training so it would be good if we have enough for everyone. May I ask for volunteers for additional 3 boxes of Pizza? We already have 3 but just to be sure we have enough, another 3 would be great. Thanks!

Deck Meal Volunteers:

Main Dishes

  1. Couscous with Kebab - Ashley Harter (Hazel's mom 10&under)

  2. Fried Chicken - Yahong Sun (Kylee's mom)

  3. Chicken Wings - Ly (Sophia Huynh's mom)

  4. Ragu Chicken Soup with Bread - Nhi B (ThienThien and ThienThao's mom)


  1. Liyan Xu (Elva's mom) - Pizza 3 boxes

Vegetable Plates or Salads

  1. Hsiao Wen Liu (Sara Chang's mom 13-15 ) - Pasta Salad

  2. Laura Caploe (Louisa's mom) - Fruit, Crackers, Cheese and a Veggie Tray with Dip

Fresh Fruits

  1. Jenny Gono (Olivia's mom)

  2. Anastasia (Varya's Mom) - Fruits and Appetizers

  3. Li Zhou - Joyce's Mom - Watermelon

Sweet Treats

  1. Jenny Gono (Olivia's mom)

  2. Giselle Tan (Carmina's Mom, 16-17) - Chocolate Chip Cookies


  1. Rebecca (Reagan's mom) - Juice Boxes

Napkins, Utensils, Serving Utensils - Jenny Gono (Olivia's Mom) *** With peanut allergy

  1. Kathryn (mom: Amy Chuang) 12 and Under

  2. Sara Chang (mom: Hsiao Wen Liu) 13-15

If I missed out on anyone, please let me know.

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