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We are going into our 2024 season.

Understanding Ages - Since we are in the 2024 season you would take the year 2024 and subtract the year your child was born. So if you were born in 2012 then you would take 2024-2012 and you would be 12 for the next season. If you were born in 2011 then you would be 13 for the season even if you were born in December of 2024. If you were born in 2009 then you would be 15. With that said there is important information regarding competitions:

There are various levels and competitions. In the first part of the season we have the figure meet, intermediate meets, novice meets. We also have National championships. In the 2nd part of the season around April we have intermediate meets, novice meets, age group meets such as associations, Regionals and JO Nationals. This is very important to know.

So for the first part of the season we have enough swimmers to have 2 13-15 teams. In the 2nd part of the season we will have enough swimmers for 2 -12 & Under teams.

For the first part of the season Karen and Carmina will do a duet and Carmina will do a solo as they will be 16-17 next season. They will swim in the Junior Category for the first part of the season. Junior/Sr Nationals - Apr 10, 2024 - Apr 14, 2024 | Houston, TX They will continue to work with the team for the 2nd part of the season. For 2nd part of the season:

Reagan, Tori, Anna, Eva, Isabelle, Karen, Carmina. Alt Olivia

The 13-15 A team that will travel to US 13-15 Nationals Apr 25, 2024 - Apr 28, 2024 in Houston TX. We will leave on April 24th. Team - Reagan, Tori, Olivia, Kate, Anna, Eva, Isabelle. I would like to take a 2nd 13-15 B team - Sienna, Sophia, Karis, Chloe J, Micca, Zora. For the B team parents this is a commitment and they will be missing school. If you will not send your child I need to know now so I can replace them on this team. Please send me an email if your child will commit to this competition. 2nd part of the season - Sienna, Sophia, Karis, Kate, Olivia.

12 & U team 12U National Invitational, Apr 25, 2024 - Apr 28, 2024 in Houston TX.

Hannah, Kathryn, Margaret, Heidi, Bella, Mini. Alternate Olivia, Stephanie, Ellen.

11-12 Intermediate move to Age Group 2nd part of the season.

Stephanie, Ellen, Olivia, Joyce, Evelyn, Louisa, Cleo, Hazel. Alt Cathy, Sophia

11-12 Intermediate all year - Penny, Ava, Zara, Tintin, Tinao More to come

10 & U trio Cathy, Sophia, Hazel

13-15 Intermediate - Arushi, Elva, Cassandra, Sara, Chloe Su, Kylee

16-17 2nd part of the season - Chloe J. Zora, Divya, Gia Hon, Micca. I'll get back to you on 1st part of the season options

1st meet is Jan 6th - This is a figure meet. If you are 16 next season you will not be in this meet. Everyone else will be in this meet. Location LA.

They are looking for a pool for a routine meet either Jan 27th or 28

Cactus classic. Everyone will be going to this meet except if you are 16 this season. February 16-18

There will be a Novice/Intermediate meet in March for the girls that didn't go to West Zones. Not sure which date.

JO Associations May 4th or 5th. - La Mirada or Riverside

Regionals May 18th or 19th - La Mirada

1st weekend of June - San Diego invitational - Intermediates, 13-15 age group other tbd.

U.S. Junior Olympic Championship

Jun 29, 2024 - Jul 6, 2024 | Gresham, OR, - 12 & U will leave June 27th to around July 2. 13-15 will leave June 27th to July 4th. 16-17 will leave around June 29 to July 6th.

There is a meet in Florida May 18-19 and it's an international competition. 12 & U B Team is slated for this meet and we can take 13-15 Intermediates. Let me know if you can attend this meet.

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