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Black swimsuits on sale during swim clinic today 10/30

From Coach Candy: Hi Deepa can you send a message out on wix and Shutterfly and let them know that black suits are on sale here for $50 for an event special we're here till two versus are the black suits on our website for 60 so they can save money coming down and have a bikini on sale $20 on top $20 at the bottom.

Turbo brand

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March 16th

Just to be clear these girls are going: Harry Potter Barbie - Hazel, Cathy, Sophia, Louisa, Cleo, Stephanie, Olivia, Ellen, Amina, Joyce Swing - Chloe, Arushi, Elva, Sara, Cassandra, Kylee, Avery

March 16th Los Angeles Synchro Nymphs Invitational

I am doing entries for this meet. I have heard from 1 person that they can't make it. The girls attending this meet are: Swing Harry Potter Barbie Location: LA 84 Foundation / John C Argue Swim Stadiu

Orange Coast College

We are going to continue to use Orange Coast College through March. The teams that will go on Monday and Wed to OCC are: Rio, Swing, and Harry Potter, The girls going to Woollett, Drumline, Super Hero

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