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Cactus Classic

Good Morning everyone. It's time to think about Cactus Classic.

Here's what to expect:

We will be at meeting at Woollett at 7:00am to go on the bus.

1. The Chaperones will be on the bus with the swimmers. Head Chaperone will be Hui (Isabell's mom). I will communicate with her and she will communicate with the rest of the team Chaperones.

2. Ladan has extra food to bring and will put it under the bus. Hui- we need 3 cases of water under the bus so we don't have to worry about it when we get there.

The bus will go straight to the pool because we have 2 soloist that need to compete that evening. They will need to put their hair up and knoxed on the bus. That is Reagan and Anais. They also need to have their makeup done.

3. Please pack a snack or lunch for you child for the bus. We will be stopping off in Blythe to get food but we want to make it a quick stop.

4. Chaperones will order food for dinner such as Chinese food or El Pollo Loco and the girls will eat in the lobby then off to bed. Please check with Matt and Linlin as they have been very helpful in the past assisting with bringing food in.

5. The chaperones will make sure when they arrive at the hotel that the grab and go breakfast will be ready for the morning by 6:00am. Lights out at 9:30pm.

Everyone will go to the pool on Saturday and everyone will go to the pool on Sunday.

*Parents if you are traveling separate you are not allowed to take you child to lunch or dinner or off the grounds. They are my responsibility until the meet is over. However, if you want to take them Sunday after the meet is over and have them drive home with you that's ok. Please let their chaperone know if you are taking them so we don't think we left them in AZ.

6. Dinner- Parents please send $20.00 for dinner for each night. Team will pay for Friday night dinner and kids will pay for lunch Friday on the way there, Saturday night and Sunday for food on the way home from the meet. Team provides breakfast, snacks, water, and lunch for Saturday and breakfast for Sunday.

7. Team moms - please make sure if you are not going that a chaperone for your team has the makeup kit and suits.

8. What to pack - Black Suit, White Cap, nose clips, 3 towels, Blue practice suit, team shirt, goggles, sun screen, knoxing kit.

9. What to wear on the bus. Team sweat pants, meraqua shirt, Team jacket.

I think that is it for now. Chaperones please complete your safesport.


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