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Competitions coming up

I just want to review with everyone the upcoming competitions

  1. Figure Meet is now at William Woollett:

Gates open at 9:00am Anyone doing Age Group Figures 13-15 need to be at the pool at 8:45am. 12 & U need to be at the pool at 9:45am. Intermediate swimmers (Dolphins and Micca's Team) come at 12:30pm. Harry Potter come at 2:30pm. We are hoping to finish the meet at 5:00pm. WHAT TO WEAR. Wear your Black Suit and if you have old Meraquas sweats wear those. You need at least 3 towels, black suit, white cap, goggles. No Need to Knox hair.

2. Routine meet Feb 5th. This is now at William Woollett: Team mom's need to bring the decorated team suits. Hair will need to be knoxed. We can do a lesson next week. I'll schedule a time. We don't have a schedule yet but 16-19 and 13 -15 will start the meet 13-15 category is now called Youth. They also have a category called 15-17, which used to be 16-17.

More information to come

3. Cactus Classic February 17th-19th- AZ. Everyone except for Harry Potter teams will be going to Cactus. We will meet at Woollett at 7:00am. The bus will stop in Riverside to pick up 2 swimmers that live out there. We have 2 soloist that need to compete that night so we will go right to the pool. The bus is full so the coaches will be driving separately. There will be 11 chaperones on the bus to keep the kid organized.

4. West Zone March 2-5th - Riverside. I don't have the schedule but you may need to be there all day each day. Girls that will be in this meet Youth(13-15), Combo, 12 & U Age Group.

That's all for now. More information to come.

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