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It was so great to see almost everyone at the party and a lot of parents.

I want to thank everyone for a great watershow. Without everyone's help we couldn't have got it done.

Practice is going on for everyone until June 17th. We are teaching new skills for next season.

As I mentioned at the party, if you are 10 going on 11 in 2024 you will be moving up to the 11-12 division. If you are 12 and going to be 13 in 2024 you will be moving up to 13-15 division. If you are 15 and turning 16 in 2024 you will move up the the 16-17 division.

As you noticed this year we moved some girls up from 10 & U to 11-12 to fill out a team, however next season we will have plenty of 11-12 girls to fill out a team.

Hope you join us in the new season.

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