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Feb 5th Meet

Good Afternoon Thank you all for helping out at the meet. Parents, you did a great job on the hair and makeup. Normally the schedule would be more organized however with the new way the judges were judging I didn't know how long everything would last.

This was a great practice meet. I had no expectations for our first meet. The coaches used this meet to see how each girl would react once the were in front of the judges. As you saw the girls that were new were very nervous. Also as you may have noticed the older they are the longer they do this sport, the more comfortable they are when they jump in the water.

This was also a great opportunity to see what works in the water with the swimmers and what doesn't. The coaches now have a focus for the next competition. We will be changing some choreography for the next competition.

See you Monday. Also there is practice on Feb 20th which I think this is a holiday for schools.

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