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Florida Invitational

What a great meet, except for the heat. The girls got to meet international swimmers from Cayman Islands, Jamaca, Ecuador.

Meraquas won the high point trophy for the Intermediate category.

Intermediate team Barbie took 3rd place. It was very close between 1st and 3rd.

12 U team took 3rd place.

Our Avery and Sara took 2nd place in Intermediate duet 13-15.

Our 12 U duet took 6th place. The 2 girls are 1st year swimmers. Amina and Joyce

12&U figures - 8th place Olivia 56.17. 10th Stephanie 54.95. 13th Amina 52.3. 16th Ellen 51.49. 23rd Joyce - 48.42.

10U figures 5th Sophia 48.2. 11h place Hazel 43.8. 13th place Cathy 43.2

11-12 figures - 7th Louisa 47.9. 9th Chleo 47.2. 22nd Evelyn 42.0

12&U solo Stephanie - 6th place

13-15 Solo - Cassandra - 2nd place

12&U trio 2nd place Stephanie, Olivia, Ellen

10& U trio 1st - Hazel, Cathy, Sophia

11-12 Trio 1st - Louisa, Evelyn, Chleo

Great job to the Chaperones, their hair, make up and head pieces were amazing. Thank you soo much for your help. A big shout out to Jenny (Olivia's mom) for helping with food, hair, transportation for the coaches and anything else we asked for. She was not a chaperone. Thanks to Avery's parents for keeping me hydrated. Again thanks to all the parents it was a fantastic meet.

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Congratulations to the team for coming in first place (13-15 intermediate team) and for winning the overall high point team award!


David K
David K
May 20

Thank you coach and to all the chaperones moms! You’re the best! Can you also update 13-15 figure score results please? Thank you coach.

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