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Information about the Figure meet Jan 6th

I'm starting to do entries for this meet. I've heard from 1 person that they can't make it. If you can't make it I need to know by end of day tomorrow 11/8.


When: Saturday, January 6, 2024

Where: LA 84 Foundation / John C Argue Swim Stadium (EXPO)

3980 Bill Robertson Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90037


No shade, bring an easy up or umbrella.


Sponsor Fee: $10.00 per swimmer

Meet Entry Fee: $5.00 per swimmer

Novice swimmers need to arrive by 7:15 am to approx 10:00am. Group I'm entering in novice are below:

Cleo Su, Joyce Zhang, Ava Katsimbrakis, Penny Gordon, Thien Thao Nguyen, Thien Thien Nguyen, Varvara Sinkovskaia, Sara Chang, Cassandra Poirel, Chloe Su, Chelsea Yang, Amina, Camilla, Yehlynn Park, Olivia Zhang

Intermediate swimmers need to be there by 9:20am to appox 12:00pm

Kylee Xiong, ELVA CHEN, Arushi Abhijit, Hazel Harter, Cathy Zhou, Evelyn Goldsmith, Cleo Su, Louisa Caploe, Olivia Linden, Stephanie Cong, Ellen Sun

12 U Age Group Swimmers need to be there by 11:30am to approx 1:30pm

Mini Lin, Margaret Zhong, Hannah Hsiao, Heidi Zheng, Isabella Martirosyan, Kathryn Lin

Youth (13-15) Age group swimmers need to be there by 1:30pm to approx 3:00pm

Isabelle Yang, Sienna Macklin, Sukie Shu, Avery Kim, Sophia Chang, Zora Niu, Chloe Jun, Micca Su JINGXUAN SU, Kate Lee, Reagan Schnore, Tori Jang, Eva Aktuccar, Anna Volodina, Oliva Chiu, Isabelle Yang

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Hi Coach Candy, could you please add Karis’s name?


Please correct Chelsea’s last name. Her last name is Yang. Thanks. We will be there.


Nov 07, 2023

Hi Coach Candy,

Joyce’ name was in both novice and intermediate group. Please advise which group Joyce will be in?


Candy Hipp
Candy Hipp
Nov 07, 2023
Replying to

Sorry novice

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