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June Invoice

Dear Meraquas Families -

You will be receiving the June invoice with the following charges.

June monthly due 100% for Rio, Superhero and Drumline for the entire month

50% for Harry Potter, Barbie and Swing for practices through June 15th

JO Regionals entry fees if your swimmer attended: $ 25 sponsor fee per swimmer

$ 5 figure fee per swimmer

$ 5 routine fee per "routine"

San Diego Invitational entry fees if your swimmer is scheduled to attend: $ 25 sponsor fee per swimmer

$ 5 figure fee per swimmer

$ 8 routine fee per "routine"

JO Nationals entry fees if your swimmer is scheduled to attend:

$ 40 entry fee per swimmer

$ 80 entry fee each for Anna, Eva, Chloe and Reagan (in two meets)

$ 3 online processing fee per swimmer 

$ 30 routine fee per "routine" (any draw entries not drawn will be refunded)

As we discussed in today's parent meeting, with donations and funds raised this season, Meraquas is able to subsidize a portion of your travel costs. No additional travel invoices will be billed to Barbie and Swing families.

For Rio, Superhero and Drumline, we will finalize the travel invoices taking into account your share of subsidies after JO Nationals are complete in early July.

Please note that any future subsidies are not guaranteed and will vary, dependent upon the amount of raised funds/donations each season. Your support in fund-raising efforts will continue to make an impact.

As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


Lillian - Treasurer and Karine - Assistant Treasurer

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