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LA Invitational -3980 Bill Robertson Ln, Los Angeles, CA 90037

Tomorrow is the day for the Swing, Harry Potter, and Barbie. If you need me call me at 949 903 6512. I have the Harry Potter suits and I'm bringing them today.

Make sure the team mom has the make up. - We need a parent to volunteer to bring an easy up for the girls. You can pick it up tonight from the pool.

Wear black suit with blue team suit over it. You need White Cap, Goggles, and nose clips

It's going to be a great meet. Everyone please be at the pool at 7:45am. You can put your hair up at the pool except for Cassandra.

Below is what I usually send out to the coaches however, it's good for you to see behind the scenes as well.

8:00am Pool Gates Officially Open (stretch/jumping jacks)

8:30am Open Pool – LAP SWIM (everyone in for lap swim – Geogia watch swing, Hailey watch Harry

Potter, Emma watch Barbie)

Coaches/Officials Welcome Meeting (Candy at meeting)

9:00am Figure Warmups:

3 – 20-minute sessions (Nov, Int, 12&U AG) (Candy, Emma, Hailey watch Novice; Candy Emma Hailey

and Georgia watch Intermediate)

10:00am Seat Judges – Figures (Emma and Candy are judges)

2 Panels


Novice, Intermediate, then 12&U AG (Candy and Emma a judges, so Hailey and Georgia make sure

girls are where they need to be when they need to be there; also as soon as kids are done with figures

they should be getting knoxed; duets trios and solos should get makeup and knox first before any kids

just on team

11:30am ALL Duet, Mixed Duet & Trio Warmups Trio, and duets should be in competition suits before

warm up

11:50am Seat Judges (Emma is synchro judge, Hailey DTC, and Candy Judge)


Int, then 12&U AG) (after duets and trios done they should get ready for team)


1:15pm ALL Solo Warmups (solo should have competition suit on for warm up)

1:35pm Seat Judges (Hailey DTC, and Candy Judge)

1:40pm SOLO COMPETITION (Nov, Int, then 12&U AG) (when solo is done get ready for team)

2:15pm ALL Team Warmups: 2 – 20 Minute Sessions (team should be in competition suits and have

everything done before warm ups)

2:55pm Seat Judges

3:00pm TEAM COMPETITION (Novice, Int then 12&U AG) (Emma is synchro judge, Hailey DTC, and

Candy Judge)

3:45pm Awards

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Chocolate stand reminder

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Nhi B
Nhi B
Mar 15

For the Novice team,Harry Potter, the children need to be knoxed after their Figures competition completed , is it correct ?

Secondly, for the Novice team, Harry Potter, they have free time from 11.30AM - 2PM, and after 2 pm, they will have their team's routine competition, is it right?

Nhi B
Nhi B
Mar 15
Replying to

You read my mind , coach 😁


Hi Coach, we can pick up easy up tonight and bring tmr.

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