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May Invoices

Hi Team -

You will be receiving May invoice(s) today. Itemized charges are as follows -


1. Monthly swimmer's due

2. Fees for Florida Worldwide Invitational (Barbie and Swing):

- Sponsor Fee: $45 per swimmer

- Routine Entry Fee: $10 per routine

- Tent Rental Fee: $11 per swimmer

3. Fees for JO Association (Drumline, Rio and Superheroes):

- Sponsor Fee: $25 per swimmer

- Figure Fee: $5 per swimmer

- Routine Entry Fee: $5 per routine


Additional travel installment payment towards this season's travel costs

- Barbie and Swing: $200 per swimmer

- Superhero: $300 per swimmer

- Drumline: $300 per swimmer

- Rio: $450 per swimmer

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

*** You may refer to the mid-season travel cost update posted on April 17th for additional info.***


Lillian - Treasurer and Karine - Assistant Treasurer

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Are we getting any more after this one?

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Risposta a

Yes in June

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Confirming, this, is the 4th travel invoice for the season?

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Correct - we have billed installment payments in January, March, April and May.

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