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[Meraquas of Irvine] Membership Registration is due

It's that time a year again when you need to register with USA Artistic Swimming.

Here is the link: 

Copy it in a web browser.  

What to register for?

What to register for? 2022-2023 Athlete Membership - Youth: Evelyn, Jennifer, Violet, Isabelle, Alice, Ujin, Chloe, Stephanie, Cleo, Olivia, Ellen, Kylee, Micca, Gia Han, Milana, Zora, Arushi, Emily Karis, Elva, And any new swimmer that just started our team.

2022-2023 Competitive Athlete Membership - Youth Anyone that is on the combo/highlite routine. Plus Bella, Sienna, Baron, Suki, Hannah, Heidi, Margaret, Sophie, Kate, Kathryn...

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