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Monday Today

There is no practice for Drumline, Super hero or Rio. We are all exhausted from our trip. I'll send out the results as soon as I get them properly.

Since those teams are going to be out, it would be great if Harry Potter, Barbie, and Swing can come tonight to Woollett.

There were a lot of swimmers missing when I was gone. Remember you have a competition this weekend in Los Angeles and since there were a lot of swimmers missing last week, I encourage you to find time to come to the practice tonight from 5:00 to 7:30 and Harry Potter 5:00 to 7:00pm.

Thank you.

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Today, Barbie, Swing, Harry Potter will go to Fullerton Jr. College for the exhibition. This is important to go to and see what your future could be as an Artistic Swimmer. This is not a day off of

Chocolate stand reminder

Dear parents, A friendly reminder about our Friday chocolate stand (4/19/24). Our volunteers for this week are: 6:40 - 7:15 - Nhi (Harry Potter team) 7:15 - 7:45 - Barbie team 7:40 - 8:10 - Julie and

Barbie, Swing, Harry Potter

The address to the event is 321 E. Chapman Ave. Fullerton, CA 92832 Fullerton Junior College. Coach Rachel and Coach Gerogia will be there.

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We will be there! Thank you for this opportunity

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