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Please vote for the Water Show Name

Updated: Apr 16


UPD: The name "Aquatic Symphony" was chosen by the majority of votes.

Thank you to everyone who voted.


Dear friends!

Thank you for submitting your name suggestions for our Water Show.

Before proceeding with the voting I'd wish to share with you an inspirational comment from Elva and her mom Liyan from the Swing team (Thank you!!!): "Meraquas means a "consciousness of miracles". I think this Water show we can name"Witnessing Miracles ". Our swimming team has been established since 1964, and it is exactly 60 years by 2024, which is a very commemorable moment. It's a truly miracle for a non -profit organization to last 60 years. Each girl's transformation in the swimming team is also a miracle. The unpaid dedication of each family keeps the team running for so long in the future wich is also a miracle".

Please vote for ONE name in comments.

The voting will be closed at 9 PM tonight.

  1. Witnessing Miracles

  2. Got Sync?

  3. Fountain of Youth

  4. Meraquas Summertime Serenade/Spectacular

  5. Meraquas Annual Water Show

  6. Enchanting Waves Become Choreography

  7. Wildest Dreams

  8. Drops of Happiness

  9. Aquatic Symphony

  10. *HSYNC

  11. In Sync

  12. Deep Blues

  13. A night under the Waves/Stars/Water

  14. Dance Runs through Water

  15. Swimming Under the Stars

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