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Hi everyone,

Dec 10th is our Holiday Party so I would like it if you can all come from 9 to 12 for 13 & Ov

12 &U age group

9 to 11:30 - Intermediates

9 to 11:30 for 10 & U - I know it's longer

Also I need to hear feedback from those that are starting later and if it's working for you. If not I will switch the times back. I was just trying to give everyone more music time.

I'm at Judges Update this weekend. 1 thing that is very important is Synchronization. Your routine will get marked off for each error. You will get .1 taken off of your score for each minor error, .5 for major error and 3 points for obvious such as someone doesn't do the hybrid. Don't worry, there are other things that we are judging so they may get a 0 in synchronization there is still Execution and Choreography and Difficulty.

I will be giving more tidbits of the new rules each week.

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