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Raffle tickets by 5/15

Dear MQI families,

Hope this message finds everyone well.

As mentioned in the beginning of the season during parent meeting, we need all MQI families’ help and support to reach our fundraising goal.

This year, during our annual Water-Show, we will have raffle for everyone to participate.

Each raffle ticket will be $10 and we are asking every swimmer to sell at least 6 tickets.   We will collect the Minimum Required ticket price of $60 from each swimmer and they can sell it, gift it or to enter the raffle with their own tickets.  I will need every team mom to help me and collect the $60 (or more) from all the swimmers in your team. I will hand you the tickets to distribute to your team.

Please feel free to tell your team mom if you think you can sell more than 6 tickets.   We also have an incentive program that if you purchase the first 10 tickets upfront, you get one bonus ticket.  Every subsequent extra 5 tickets purchase will get one bonus tickets.  Ex: if purchase 15 tickets(paid $150) then you’ll get 17 tickets in total.   Hope that will encourage the swimmer to sell more tickets and reach out to more families.

There will be at least 3 prizes for the raffle and the winner doesn’t need to be presented to win.  All the raffle will have name and phone number written before entering the raffle.  Right now, our grand prize is $200 Amazon gift card.

Raffle is not only a great way for us to raise funds but to interact with our local communities.  In the past, we have raised considerable amount of funds through raffle.  I really hope that this year all MQI families can work together again to make our Watershow and raffle a fun and memorable event.

*Team moms: please collect the raffle ticket fees from your swimmer by  5/15.  I can meet with you on 5/15 or earlier if you are ready to get the tickets. Any questions, please feel free to call/text me at 949-892-7177 (Rebecca Lu).

Thank you!

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Hello. Just out of curiosity what is/was our fundraising goal? And how far off are we?

En réponse à

Thank you for asking. We have only set a minimum goal of $3000 so that each MQI family won’t be burden by it. However, it will be the higher the better for our raised funds. I am hoping we can raise about $5000 from the raffle tickets. Hope that answers your question. 😊


Thank you Rebecca for your support to help MQI fundraising!

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