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Please continue your registration and don't worry about loading a certificate for LTAD for now. As soon as I find them I'll let you know.

If you feel that your daughter passed a level different then listed, please send me an email.

Below is what level your daughter is:

Hazel Harter 0

Ava katsimbrakis 0

Zara Pinto 0


Cathy Zhou 0

Sophia Huynh 0

Evelyn Goldsmith 0

Violet BIAN 0

Mini Lin 1

Cleo Su 0

Margaret Zhong 2

Penny Gordon 0

Stephanie Cong 2

Hannah Hsiao 2

Ellen Sun 0

Kylee Xiong 0

Heidi Zheng 2

Bella Martirosyan 2

Olivia Linden 2

Kathryn Lin 2

Sienna Macklin 2

Sukie Shu 1

Kate Lee 2

Avery Kim 0

Reagan Schnore 4


Sophia Chang 2

Tori Jang 4

Arushi Abhijit 1

Eva Aktuccar 4

Chloe Su 0

Anna Volodina 4

Oliva Chiu 2

Karis Lin 1

Zora Niu 2

Chloe Jun 2

Milana Tonyan 1


Isabelle Yang 3

Karen Cho 5

Gia Han Vo 2

Divya Shanadi 3

Carmina 0

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Hazel’s registered as athlete. It says ineligible until the certificate is uploaded. Let me know when you have one for her please.

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