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Revised Schedule for the figure meet

8:30am Novice

9:00am Lap swim for Novice

9:20am Coaches and Officials Meeting 9:20 am Novice Figure Warm Up (20 min)

9:40 am Seat Judges (5 min) 9:45 am Novice Figure Competition (32 athletes)

10:00 am 12/U stretch then 10:30 am Lap swim in the warm up pool. Age Group Figure Warm Up (20 min)

11:25 am Seat Judges (5 min) 11:30 am 12/U Age Group Figure Competition (19 athletes) 12:00 pm Athlete Meeting / Lunch (30 min) - Youth swimmers come for this meeting

11:45 - Intermediate swimmers stretch

12:30 pm Novice Awards /Intermediate Lap Swim (20 min)

12:50 pm Intermediate Figure Warm Up (20 min)

1:10 pm Seat Judges (5 min)

1:15 pm Intermediate Figure Competition (41 athletes)

2:15 pm 12/U Age Group Awards Youth Lap Swim (20 min)

They may run ahead of schedule. Youth swimmers need to come for the Athlete's meeting and if you want to be a club rep or an association rep let me know. You would need to go to Convention. Youth swimmers please help out with intermediate swimmers.


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Intermediate group what time should they arrive? They don’t start stretching until 11:45… should we arrive around that time?

Replying to

Correct. Plan to arrive around 11.30 a.m.


Hi Coach, to confirm, the Youth swimmers will be participating in the noted meeting and a lap swim, but not figures?

Replying to

Youth figures will be later in the day, but the swimmers need to arrive by 12 p.m.

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