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Rising Star Camp

If you are going to this camp this weekend, you need to bring snacks and lunch.

Other things you will need:

Yoga Mats Swimsuit (team practice suits are fine) Goggles/noseclips Towel Clothes for land exercise & dance (will be worn over swimsuit), tennis shoes Plain white cap with name written on it large on BOTH sides in black (large enough for coaches to see from deck, please touch up writing for day 2) Snacks/Lunch Water (water bottle) Masks (at least 2 in case one gets lost or breaks) Journal & pen/pencil for Classroom session (age group athletes)

Also the Sr. National Team will perform at 11:00am so if you are at practice you will come watch at that time.

The Meraquas will be in the Competition Pool tomorrow.

Also I found out that Northwood did not close down, so there will be some Saturdays that will be at Northwood.

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