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SafeSport for Cactus Classic chaperones is back

Updated: Jan 24

If you chaperone at Cactus Classic please follow this link:

Under "Resources link" click on "Training and Education" , then choose "Click here to take SafeSport training".

If you are a new user, create an account with SafeSport.

Organization member ID: 56847625. Organization name: USA Artistic Swimming

When logged in You'll be directed to a page with courses. Look for "My Courses" that should contain "SafeSport Trained".


The core course is about 90 min. Please start ASAP.

If you took the main course last year you'll need to take a refresher. The system will prompt you which training you should take.

Please reach out with any questions, my phone (949) 590 0762

Once you are done, please email the confirmation to me at:

12&Under, 2 chaperones:

Julie Zhu (Heidi's mom)

Karine Abrahamyan (Bella's mom)

13-15 B, 3 chaperones:

Chingfen (Karis' mom)

Lindsay (Avery's mom)

Sarah (Sophie's mom)

Barbies, 3 chaperones:

Ashley Harter (Hazel's mom)

Jenny Gono (Olivia Linden's mom)

Ly Dinh (Sophia's mom)

Swing, 2 chaperones:

Grace Sun (Kylee's mom)

HsiaoWen (Sara Chang's mom)

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