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San Diego June 3 and 4th

I'm doing last min entries for this meet. I've only been told by 1 person that they can't make this meet. Please email me back immediately if you can't be in this meet.

Novices will only be there on Saturday. Arina doesn't need to be there on Saturday.

Free 16-17 team only needs to be there on Sunday - (M2)

13-15 Team will be there on Saturday and Sunday as well as Divya and Anais for Duet.

Intermediate teams - Dolphins will need to be there Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, June 3 th

7:00 am – 7:15 am Coaches and officials meeting during LAP SWIM ONLY

7:15 am - 7:45 am Figure Warm-Up for Novice and Intermediate ( 15 Mins Each)

8:00 am FIGURE Competition (Novice followed by Intermediate)

Figure Warm-Up for 12& U AG & Youth AG (15 Mins each )

FIGURE Competition (12 & Under AG followed by Youth)

Solo Warm up ( In this order... (Tech)16-19, Masters, Novice, Intermediate, 12& Un AG,


Solo Competition: (in this order…(Tech)16-19, Masters, Novice, Intermediate, 12& Un AG,


Duet Warm up (in this order…(Tech)16-19, Masters, Novice)

Duet Competition (in this order… (Tech)16-19, Masters, Novice)

Trio Warm-up (in this order… Masters, Novice, Intermediate))

Trio Competition (in this order… Masters, Novice, Intermediate)

Team Warm-up ( in this order… (Tech)16-19, Novice,)

Team Competition (in this order… (Tech)16-19, Novice)


Sunday, June 4 th

8:00 am - 8:15 am Coaches Meeting

8:15 am - 8:30 am Lap Swim Warm-Up

Combo Warm up & Competition

Free Duet Warm-up & Competition (in this order… Intermediate,12&Un AG, Youth,16-19,

Masters) youngest to oldest

FREE Team Warm-up and Competition (in this order… Intermediate,12&Un AG, Youth,16-

19, Masters) youngest to oldest

FREE Team Competition (in this order… Intermediate,12&Un AG,Youth, 16-19, Masters)

youngest to oldest


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