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San Diego Meet June 8th and 9th

Intermediates and Novice only go on June 8th. If anyone else has questions on when they need to be there refer to the schedule previously sent.

If you are on this list, I am entering you in this meet. If you aren't going and are on this list let me know TODAY. If you are going and are not on this list let me know TODAY. Entrees are due.

Hazel - Solo and Duet with Sophia and team

Sophia - Duet and Team

Olivia - Duet with Amina, Trio with Amina and Lousia, Team

Amina - Duet, Trio, Team

Lousia - Trio, Team

Arushi - Solo, Team

Elva - Duet with Kylee, team

Kylee - Duet and team

Sara - Duet with Avery and team

Cassandra - solo, team

Avery - Duet, team

Varya - Solo, team

Camilla, Solo, Duet with Bella, Team

Bella - Solo duet team

Ava - Solo team

All of Rio and all 3 duets

All of Drumline and their duets/solos

All of Super Heros

Gia Han and Chloe tech duet

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