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T-shirts and Hoodies

Hi Team -

For the 23 families who ordered earlier this month, your items had been distributed at practice*. I also received additional inquiries today for team T-shirts and hoodies. Pricing is driven by the projected quantity of orders. To have an accurate count of items for the new group order, please reply to this message to indicate your interest (e.g. T-shirt: 2, hoodie: 1).

Currently there are additional 8 T-shirts and 3 hoodies. Designs are included in the Wix message on January 13 if you are interested. Below is a quick pricing chart.

Kindly indicate your interest by replying to this message by Thursday, February 1.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

*For 4 swimmers who did not attend practice today, I will bring your orders next week.

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3 commentaires

1 hoodie and 1 T-shirt


Lillian Kang
Lillian Kang
29 janv.

2 additional T shirts and 2 hoodies for one family


Lillian Kang
Lillian Kang
28 janv.

T shirts: 8, hoodies: 3

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