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Team Posters for Water Show

Team moms/dads,

The girls will work on team posters during the meet in San Diego this weekend. The posters will be hung during the water show. We have done this in the past and would like to bring it back.

Please ask your team members to bring to competition on Sat/Sun their photos, stickers, markers, magazine pictures - anything they'd wish to use for the team poster. 

Each team will work on one poster for the watershow. Harry Potters will prepare one poster for two HP teams.

Each team will be provided with a poster sheet and a printed team picture. Maria will have them at the meet this weekend.

Teams will need to bring any materials they wish to use to decorate their poster.

Please comment below with any questions.

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Deepa Shanadi
Deepa Shanadi
Jun 02, 2023

Also, it is a team effort so each team member can bring something from home.


What message is the poster meant to convey?

I'm disappointed that this is being asked 2 days before the meet. I don't have a color printer for pictures and no magazines. What kind of pictures are they meant to bring, or what drawings can they do?

Maria Peregudova
Maria Peregudova
Jun 02, 2023
Replying to

The poster is meant to present a team and its members to a wide audience. A printed team picture will be supplied. Examples of what can be written on a poster: how long the team swims together, how many competitions they've been to. Each girl can put her name and write a few words about herself: e.g., how old is she, what she likes to do, why synchro, etc. These are just examples.

Personal photos, pictures from magazines, stickers - that's completely optional. A set of multicolor markers should be enough.

Sorry for the short notice. We all are struggling in the highs of competition and end of the school year season.

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