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Watershow raffle update

Dear MQI families,

Here’s some quick updates regarding our raffle.

We have made $4990 from the raffle ticket sales and all of the MQI families participated. 

Good job, everyone!

We will continue to sell the raffle tickets until the day of Watershow on 6/7.

Please feel free to reach out of me any time if you need more tickets.

As for the raffle prizes, our grand (1st) prize will be $200 Amazon gift card and 2nd prize to be $100 GC.  We are still collecting donations for prize items but we will have at least 6 prizes in total.   Please contact me if you have any donation items.

Also, if you prefer to drop your raffle tickets early, I will bring a box for you to drop the tickets at the end of the parents meeting this Friday.

Any qiesutons, please email:

Thank you!

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