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Knox Clinic Confirmed for Wed, 2/1 at 5 pm

Updated: Feb 1

5 pm

During practice


Maria ( Ana's mom) will be showing how to knox hair and make knox. Plan for about 30 minutes.

Parents don't need to bring anything.

Swimmers will need to knox for 2/5 competition

Knox kit:

Knox packets

Knox Bowls (for mixing knox, plastic ok)

Hair dye brushes

Hair net

Bobby Pins

Hair donut if necessary for shorter hair

Comb/Hair brush

U shaped-pins (to hold bun in place) Ponytail holders (small and large) Conditioner (to wash knox off after competition)

"make-up/cosmetic" bag to put these items in

Places to get these materials: Grocery Store for Knox

Walmart, Sally's, or Amazon for the hair items

Youtube has good videos on how to knox

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