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Great Job to all the swimmers at this meet. Starting with Regionals:

12& u team took 1st place by 17 points. They had a total scoreof 239.99. I think that is their highest score to date.

Hannah and Mini Duet took 1st place by 17 points. Great job

Katheryn and Margaret placed 3rd.

Hannah took 4th place in solo and we will enter her as a draw and continue to work hard on her solo.

12U figures - 2nd Hannah 60.466. 5th Kathryn 57.3599 7th Mini 56.4601 8th Margaret 56.3285 11th Heidi 54.3357. 18th Bella 52.0785

15-17 team - Drumline took 1st place by 120 points with 1/2 a routine. They beat their youth score by 112 points. Grea job. Highest score of the year.

Regan and Eva took 4th place. I will enter them in the draw category for nationals and continue to work hard on their duet.

Youth team took 2nd with a high score of 177.0979

Anna took 2nd place her her solo. 3rd place was behind her by 33 points.

Youth figures 5th Anna 63.2545. 6th Eva 59.333. 8th Olivia 58.8364 Kate 13th 53.3939. 14th Karis 53.0242. 17th Sophia 50.8121. 19th Sukie 48.0242. 20th Sienna 48.0242

New tech duet - Gia Han and Chloe took 1st place after just learning their duet last month. They came together and worked hard.

Carmina took 1st place in her solo by 55 points. Highest score yet at 219.8125

Karen and Carmina took 1st place by 24 points.

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