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Water show- please read


Just a reminder that our Water Show is happening next Friday! Let's use our social networks to spread the word about this free community service event. Invite your friends, family, classmates, neighbors - everyone's welcome!

Here's how you can support this exciting event:

1. Spread the Word: Use your social channels, chat groups, and even word-of-mouth to publicize the event.

2. Silent Auction Contributions: Teams are preparing different items for the silent auction. The 13-15 age group is putting together two gift baskets: a DoTerra Essential Oil basket (thanks, Rebecca Lu- Karen's mom!) and a Poolside Theme gift bag (Thank you for 13-15 parents. The 16-19 team is also prepping a  lovely beauty basket. Kylee's mom from the Dolphin team has kindly offered a frying pan and a phone power bank for the auction. We'ld love more donations from other teams/team members. Please send your items to Karine by Friday, June 2nd.  Her contact information is 1-440-715-5504

3. Sponsorships: A massive shout-out to Sophie's parents from the 12U team, who have generously donated and also have their friend/family friends (Artis Portfolio (Art Academy)/Masion Louella Jewelry contributing a total of $800 to our club. We'd appreciate it if you could reach out to any business owners or stores you know who might be interested in sponsoring our Water Show. We have a flyer and a sponsorship request letter ready for distribution. For more information, please contact Cathy Wang  1-949-4218794 or  Lillian 1-714- 878-6627.

Thanks everyone for your support. Let's make this Water Show a great success!

Sincerely, Cathy

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