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Cactus Classic


One of the Dolphins swimmers tested positive for covid. If your daughter is not feeling well, please test them for covid. I also recommend that you have your child wear a mask on the bus.

Be at Woollett Aquatics Complex at or before 7:00am.

Room assignments:

Lillian Kang - Kate Lee Bella Martirosyan Hannah HsiaoYi

Zhang - Kathryn Lin, Margaret Zhong, Sophia Chang

Ladan Macklin - Sienna Macklin, Heidi Zhang, Sukie Huang

Julie Zhu/Amy Chuang - Chaperones to help out 13-15 M3 team

Chloe Jun, Micca Su

Rebecca Schnore - Reagan Schnore. Karen Cho. Celina Ma

Joanna Yoon- Eva Aktuccar Tori Jang

Ida- Lillian Claire Li Olivia Chiu

Hui You Arina Rupan Anna Volodina Isabelle Yang

Fanak Fahimi- Arushi Abhiiit Shana Avery

Ching Fen Li- Ella Jalili Karis Lin

Samira Ebrahimi Ava Elva Chen

Candy Hipp/Hailey Hipp

Jin Wang - Milana Tonyan Zora Niu Gia Han Vo

Sue Nesbit

Sarah Cho

Bring your mats, parkas or warm jacket, sun screen, a suit case the size of a carry on bag. Parents- swimmers need their own suit case.

Hui You is the head chaperone. I will be communicating to her on the schedule. I will have printed copies for each chaperone.

If anyone that is going to Cactus wanted additional practice tonight let me know. I have time after 6:30pm.

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