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What judges are looking for these days

If your child holds 2 legs up in the air at mid Knee, that is a score of a 5.5. The way we judge now is that is the highest we can give you child in her figure. So any other mistakes we take off from their score of a 5.5. If your child does a barracuda and gets to their waist, it's a 7.5 but if they get that high because they pop their face out of the water before going to vertical, then it's a point off the 7.5 score. Each judge is supposed to take that off of what they give the swimmer.

So I don't know how to make this clearer but the judges now start their score instead of from a 10 they start it at how high your swimmer is and go down from there. With that said if you are 12 & over please start bringing your ankle weights to the pool. We will use them everyday.

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